La Rochelle’s Maritime Museum


The Maritime Museum (Musée Maritime) at La Rochelle floats – its exhibits are housed on three ships, each of which is classed as an historic monument. Visitors can tour the ships as well as see the displays that tell of La Rochelle’s eventful seafaring history, from the many battles to its time as an important trading centre.


The three ships open to the public are the 1958 meteorological ship France I; the Angoumois, an old fishing trawler that one was of the last plying its trade in the seas off La Rochelle; and the tugboat Saint-Gilles which was the last in France to operate using a reversible engine.


Five other boats are on display at the Maritime Museum, but cannot be boarded. These include the ketch, Joshua, sailed around the world by Bernard Moitessier, the first man to do so sail solo, as well as a 1906 dredger, frigates and yachts.


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Musée Maritime, Quai Sénac de Meilhan, 17000 La Rochelle

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